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A smile is something you can’t give away; it always comes back to you

Just a note. John’s smile was voted “Best Smile” of the Portage Central Senior Class. Thanks for having a part in making that happen!

Sue Griffioen

I have enclosed a senior picture of my daughter Grace. This is the “Best Smile” of the Loy Norrix Senior Class as voted by her fellow students. As we see by her before Butterfly braces pictures, you did an amazing job! I was so thrilled with the work you did to bring Grace’s smile to what it is today. I was so happy to work with an orthodontist who not only believed in simply watching her for years and waiting to put the braces on, but also the incredible developments that you have made in your field.

Molly Kinnison

Here is a very excited Taylor Grabowski with her Butterfly Braces just before they came off and the VERY happy young lady afterwards. We are SO happy with the care Taylor received at Dr. Bowman’s office!! I also had braces with Dr. Bowman two years ago and had a wonderful experience! I highly recommend this office to ANYONE in need of orthodontics!!

Heidi Jenks Grabowski

People will stop Jamie and tell her what a beautiful smile she has. Improving Jamie’s smile was a huge confidence boost for her.

Carol Smith

Dear Dr. Jay and the Entire Staff of Kalamazoo Orthodontics, Thanks a million, which is what Sadie’s smile looks like!! Our girl looks beautiful and she is so pleased and proud as are Greg and I. Here is a picture of three of our patients in our family and you’ve treated many more of us as well!

Michelle Burghdoff

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful smile that Liz has!! Your knowledge, skill, and most of all compassion will never be forgotten!

Deb Barrett

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The following is a collection of spontaneous and anonymous comments shared with Kalamazoo Orthodontics on our satisfaction surveys.

“I would like to say that the staff at this office is the most friendly, courteous, pleasant, happy group of people that I’ve ever encountered in an office setting. There are so many opportunities to become tired, bored, and angry when working with the public and I have NEVER experienced this at this office (and this is the 4th person in our family to go through treatment).  Nothing can replace a happy staff and nothing keeps ‘em coming back like the wonderful atmosphere created by this fantastic group of people!!”

“Dr. …. (family dentist) feels that Dr. Bowman is the best clinical analyst she has seen – someone who evaluates each case individually – who, from that develops specialized and specific treatment plans.  Thank you.  I appreciate your skill and craftsmanship along with the pleasant office environment you have developed.”

“You are the greatest!  We love working with you guys.  The front desk gals are the best!”

“Great staff and an efficient and outstanding result.”

“The office is very efficient.  I never had to wait long for our son’s appointments.”

“I have brought both of my daughters to Dr. Bowman and I am very pleased.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome care and treatment we received from your office staff while my son was under your care.  You have a very professional and organized team.  Thank you – it was exceptional!”

“Thank you for the beautiful smiles that my kids have!”

“My teeth look great —- you did an awesome job Dr. ‘J’”

“Went to two other orthos for consults, I liked the treatment plan and interpersonal skills of Dr. Bowman.”

“The chairside assistants are very courteous and professional.”

“Professional, courteous staff – would definitely recommend to friends.”

“I am grateful for the new techniques used.”

“Sometimes we get here 20 minutes early and we get in right away and finish before the appointment time. Thanks!”

“I would definitely recommend your office. I have 2 girls going through treatment – feel very good about their progress, the manner in which procedures have been explained and the professional and courteous staff!!”

“Thanks for the care and treatment you gave to all my three children. Thanks!”

“There’s always a friendly atmosphere when entering the building and the staff seems to enjoy their work.  Scheduled appointments are also very prompt.”

“I like that the assistants would escort my daughter out and explain and answer questions.  Everyone was very helpful in accommodating our schedule.”

“We would feel 100% comfortable recommending your office!!  Your staff is fabulous!”

“Courteous staff and very skilled techs.  Dr. Bowman, you are an excellent person and orthodontist.  Thank you.”

“Very courteous staff.  Always call me by my name when I walk in the door.  Very nice touch.”

“We feel you did an awesome job.  The kids appreciated your staff and I felt that all of our individual needs were met.  Thanks!”

“The work that was done on my daughter’s mouth is amazing!  Total transformation.  Dr. Bowman’s skill is state-of-the-art!  We are thrilled with the outcome.”

“Efficient office staff, professional and direct consultations.  Thanks so much!!”

“I wish I could always come back even though I don’t have braces anymore.”

Dr. Bowman gave me the best present I could ask for… And that was not having to deal with people calling me Bucky beaver anymore. I have the most beautiful smile that I could ever ask for. Thanks so much for my forever smile. M.J.

Kalamazoo orthodontics is by far the best orthodontic office I’ve ever been to. It is such a comfortable and welcoming environment and i love the rewards system! i would definitely recommend Kalamazoo Orthodontics to anyone who want the most enjoyable orthodontic experience possible. K.A

I LOVE THE WAY THE STAFF TREATS ME. You guys are a great team and you guys make me feel confident on getting my smile back. L.D.