Start Your Smile Journey


Your experience starts with a phone call (269) 344-2466. After scheduling your initial consultation with our New Patient Coordinator, you’ll receive a welcome packet with our office information and forms to be filled out prior to your first appointment with us. You can access those new patient forms here, before your scheduled appointment with us.

The day of your complimentary consultation. There is no fee for our initial evaluation with you. During that visit, you’ll start with getting photos and an x-ray of your teeth. These help with being able to receive a worry-free opinion about acquiring a radiant smile, along with a better and more functional bite.

For the initial consultation, you will meet with one of our Treatment Coordinators. Once the informational forms, photos, and x-ray have been completed, our Treatment Coordinator will escort you to one of our consultation rooms for an examination. There is where they will gain a better understanding of your situation and takes notes to brief Dr. Bowman prior to you meeting with him. We want to ensure your experience is the most comfortable and informative as possible.

Dr. Bowman will then meet with you for your detailed evaluation. This is the time to explore different treatment options for your particular situation.  That may include simply returning regularly to monitor growth and development of a young patient or perhaps treatment plans to include braces (including our own Butterfly System™) or Invisalign™.

The shortest distance between two people is a smile