Rapid Transit Treatment

Have you been spending your life hiding your teeth or simply never smiling?  Have you always wanted to get a great new smile, but were just afraid of what would be required to improve it?  What if you could get a straight and healthy smile in less time than you imagined? Nineteen months? Perhaps, fifteen? Maybe nine months? Or how about seven months to a sensational smile?   Look, if you don’t like your smile, it is time to let us give you one of ours.   Remember, your smile is your calling card, it’s your identity, and now is the time to make your move and climb aboard the Orthodontic Express . . . with or without the railroad train tracks!™  

Rapid Transit Treatment™

The RTT™ system is a combined approach to straightening teeth that may involve a number of innovative elements, all working in concert, but orchestrated by a licensed orthodontic specialist*.  Your race to the top begins with a free evaluation where all your questions about your smile and your bite are answered without any obligation.  During this first step, the Round-Trip Timetable to achieve your cosmetic goals and improved self-confidence will be determined.

Real-Time Tactics

RTT may employ a variety of realistic, time-tested orthodontic methods to reach your destination in Record Treatment Time.  Depending upon your specific needs and aesthetic desires, your individual treatment options may include the use of a variety of interesting innovations, all based on a relational think-tank of research evidence and clinical expertise.

Results Through Technology

Brace Yourself!  Aligning your front teeth could be a very simple matter that might be handled quickly with orthodontic braces.  But remember, braces aren’t “kid-stuff” anymore as 25-30% of folks straightening their smiles today are adults, just like you. Besides, braces have changed as well.  They’ve gotten smaller, smoother, and sleeker, making them more cosmetic and comfortable, like Dr. Bowman’s own signature Butterfly System. We might also consider Insignia Custom-Designed Braces to enhance your treatment.  These are braces are individually computer-designed, specifically for your teeth and your situation.  Starting at the beginning with the end in mind with the braces design can improve the efficiency of your treatment.

Let’s be Clear!  Another option for you could be absolutely clear or crystalline braces (like Radiance, Clarity, and Avex).  These hardly visible braces make you look good while we’re busy making you look greatLook at it from the Inside.  So-called “invisible” or “lingual” braces that are placed on the inside of your teeth are another possibility in some instances as well.  In other words, there are a variety of methods that you just might embrace with nearly hidden railroad tracks on that trek to your own smile destination.

Make It Invisible!  Want to quickly reach your target of a terrific smile, but without the railroad tracks?  Invisalign is a system of crystal clear aligners that are changed every 1-2 weeks to gently move your teeth without braces.  These form-fitting trays are nearly impossible to see when you smile and are removed only to eat and to clean them.  As a result, you can still enjoy the same foods and also easily brush and floss your teeth as they are straightening.  Dr. Bowman has been an Invisalign Premier Provider since 2006 and was one of four orthodontists invited to be a part of the Invisalign Teen Research Team.

Make It Fast!  Reducing treatment time with Rapid Transit Treatment™ seems a simple prospect – focus on your individual goals for a great smile by aligning just the socially visible teeth with a few braces.  But that’s just the beginning – there is so much more possible!  The desired tooth movement can be enhanced further in a number of innovative ways from the simple to the sublime.  For instance, unique auxiliaries can be specifically added to Butterfly System braces themselves, Insignia Custom braces are designed to individual specifications just for your teeth, temporary anchorage devices provide direction for more complex situations, and finishing with clear devices like custom positioners, Simpli-5, MTM, or even combination treatments of braces and Invisalign are all possibilities.  But wait, there is still even more to RTT™!

Good Vibrations! Your Rapid Transit Treatment™ may include the absolutely new and exciting innovation, the AcceleDent™ system.  This is truly the fast track to straight teeth!  Research at the University of Texas Health Science Center reported between 34-50% increase in rate of tooth movement for orthodontic patients who used the AcceleDent™ system.  AcceleDent™ is worn 20 minutes per day, it is noninvasive, no medications, no side effects, reduces orthodontic discomfort, but most importantly, Reduces Time in Treatment.  Patients reported that their daily routine was not interrupted as they wore the AcceleDent™ device for activities such as watching television, reading, surfing the ‘net on the computer, exercising, walking, or using the stairclimber.  These orthodontic patients reported they were “extremely satisfied,” stated that the devices were “easy to use,” while their teeth got straighter more quickly with this orthodontic “time machine.”

Let’s RAP! The latest rap in orthodontics is the Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP) that refers to locally stimulating tooth movement by introducing tiny bone perforations, the same as those produced when inserting TADs or miniscrew anchors.  This concept of facilitating moving teeth reaches back to the 1900s, but has been simplified for today’s RTT™ patient by AlveoLogic™ with the introduction of their Propel™ system; designed specifically to enhance the speed of orthodontic treatments.

Relationship Through Trust

No matter your concerns about orthodontic treatment, whether it is cost, comfort, appearance, aesthetics, or valuable time, Rapid Transit Treatment™ has you covered with a number of advantages and benefits for you to explore with the orthodontist.  Soon, you’ll have the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted in no time and getting there can be half the fun.  

Remember Three Things  

1) RTT is much more than just a box of braces and a simple cookbook. 2) Multiple modalities and different treatment mechanisms (not just limited to braces) will be discussed and chosen, specifically for your needs. 3) A licensed orthodontic specialist is the conductor who is in charge of your own orthodontic express on the way to a gorgeous new you via Rapid Transit Treatment.  

© S. Jay Bowman, Rapid Transit Treatment 2011.

*An orthodontist is a licensed orthodontic specialist.  Orthodontics is a recognized specialty practice by the American Dental Association.  An orthodontist receives even more training after dental school by completing a 2-3 year full-time residency at an accredited post-graduate orthodontic program. By selecting a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), you can feel confident knowing you’ve chosen an orthodontic specialist that is an expert in orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics and the treatment of improperly aligned teeth and jaws. It’s why only orthodontists can become members of the AAO. It’s also why our expertise will make you smile.